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  • Welcome to Mount Zion church Cliviger

    We are situated in Cliviger, a small community on the outskirts of Burnley. we are a warm and welcoming family based church who are always keen to welcome new friends.

  • Why Are we here?

    • To worship our Lord Jesus Christ...
    • To support one another..
    • To support Cliviger...
    • To spread the good news...
    • To grow...
    • To share life together...
  • Worship lead by our younger members...

    • Worship is an important part of our Sunday mornings.
      It is how we always start our service, by praising our Father in Heaven.
      Here we have our younger musicians leading us in the service.
  • Worship lead by our more experienced members...

    • Our worship style is modern, but family orientated. Not too loud, but full of energy and love for our Lord. 3 different groups lead, giving a variety of people at the front of our Church.
  • Ladies Night ...

    • Fun for Christians and non-Christians alike, meeting for time together in our Church... All very welcome!
  • Fun at our Jubilee celebrations...

    • As a church, we like to get together for some fun, which always involves food...
  • When Do we meet?

    • Our main service - 10:45am every Sunday
    • Our evening service - 6:00pm every Sunday
    • Prayer meeting Mondays at 8:00pm
    • Keep fit Tuesdays at 6:45pm
    • Bibe studies Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays

Mount Zion Church Cliviger

This church seeks to enable equip and encourage people to come to faith in Jesus and develop their gifts in His service.

Welcome to Our Church

We are Mountzion Church, Cliviger, Welcome to our website!
We are an independent Methodist / Baptist church, an all inclusive church with a family focus where all are welcome.

Our main service is on a Sunday morning at 10:45, when we all meet together. Our service always starts with worship and prayer, followed by teaching. Our Children go to their own groups whilst the adults stay in the main hall with either one of our own preachers or a guest preacher. After the service there is always tea and biscuits and lively conversation. We have a ministry group and a prayer group who are happy to sit and pray with you. We have an active prayer life, and are involved in lots of outreach, both locally in the community and abroad.

Why not stop by and meet us in person, and experience the warmth of our church. We would love to see you.

We also have an evening service on a Sunday night from 6:00pm till about 7:00pm, which can take various forms, whether that be a reflective service, thanks giving type service or even a cafe style service.

We wish you a really good week, may God bless you and keep you safe.
Mount Zion Church, Cliviger.


Prayer Life

Mount Zion's prayer life includes :
- Prayer Group - Monday at 8pm
- House Groups
- Pastoral Prayer
- Ministry Team
- Prayer Chain
- Prayer for OSM
- Prayer with our leaders

There is always something to get involved with, why not come along and see and experience the power of prayer!

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We believe in taking our church out of its 4 walls. Here is how we reach out...

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