Outreach Mount Zion

Mount Zion Church Cliviger

This church seeks to enable equip and encourage people to come to faith in Jesus and develop their gifts in His service.

How our Church reaches out...

Over-seas missions

Missionaries working in a number of different parts of the world are supported by Mount Zion. They include:

bible society

Street Pastors

Several members of our Church are involved with street pastors in Burnley. Another great way to help people.

bible society

Bible Society

We have members of our church who connect us to the Bible society.

bible society


Various members of our Church sponsor children through compassion, an amazing experience indeed!

bible society

Christians against poverty

We have ties with the organisation Christians against poverty, such a valuable service.

bible society


We are a fair trade church, an important value to us...

bible society

Open doors

We support Open doors who support persecuted christians...

bible society

Christian Aid

We support Christian aid locally, an important charity to support...

bible society

Womens Refuge

We also support the local branch of Womens Refuge.

bible society

Baptist Union

We are connected to the Baptist Union.

bible society

Evangelical Alliance

We also have connections with evangelical Alliance.