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A New Year - A New start . . .

Friday, December 30, was scrapped last year for people on the tiny South Pacific island of Samoa in a move to scrap a time-zone alliance with the United States and move 24 hours ahead to catch up with Asia, New Zealand and Australia.
The island jumped to the west of the international dateline, which runs zig-zags through the Pacific Ocean, in an effort to become allied in the international time scale to Australia and other countries with which is does more trade.
So the New Year came quickly. In fact, for most of us it comes at an increasing speed these days, bringing with it the puzzle as to whether or not we will make New Year Resolutions or not.
Some make them - and break them, Others make them and manage to keep them for increasing lengths of time.
It is difficult to know whether it is a good move or not to make promises to yourself which can change your outlook to certain sections which make you a better, or fitter, person - and few would claim they don’t need improvement in some areas of their lives.
That’s why the best resolution that anyone can make is to be more like Jesus Christ. He was the perfect Son of God, who did nothing wrong, healed others and brought comfort and encouragement wherever he went.
And it isn’t difficult - simply pray to God asking Him to change your life and take control for once. It is something he longs to do.
Jesus himself promised that if we ask him to change our lives he will give us a “life more abundant” -

David Hall