Outreach Mount Zion

Mount Zion Church Cliviger

This church seeks to enable equip and encourage people to come to faith in Jesus and develop their gifts in His service.

Carrying the torch

When the Olympic torch arrived in Britain and began its long 70-day journey across the country 8,000 people had the thrill of carrying it.Its flickering flame symbolises the early games in Greece when the flame was kept alight throughout the games. As thousands watch its progress through more than 1,000 communities it highlights the promise that the Olympic Games will soon open in London. The Church is a similar symbol – reminding us that Jesus Christ the son of God is preparing a place in heaven for those who love him. The Church is a light, and a reminded that Jesus once described himself as “the light of the world.” Christians have found that if we want to beat the desires to do something wrong, and the habits which pull us down and threaten our integrity, we need to invite Jesus Christ into our lives to provide the strength and power to resist evil and to enjoy the presence of God in our daily living.

It is a change that thousands today have already felt the effects of – and a transformation that continues for ever. There can be no better way to look for this transformation in your own life than to find a Church and people within it who act as torch-bearers to lead the way to the one who can make a difference in your life – Jesus Christ. One thing is certain; if you really want to change your lifestyle and habits learning about Jesus is the way. His strength, his influence and power make it easier to become the person God really intended you to be.

David Hall