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This church seeks to enable equip and encourage people to come to faith in Jesus and develop their gifts in His service.

Known and unknown

As our attention turns to winter, and thoughts of the summer recede, the forecasters continue their work to attempt to warn us of rain, snow and the like - while also hoping to promise sunshine.

It can't be easy trying to outguess the weather, even with the modern, computerised equipment.

But it is a far cry from a length of seaweed hanging against an outside wall.

Things chance continually and progress in some areas cannot help in others. Life is full of the contrasts of the known and the unknown.

We know what tomorrow is, the day of the week, for instance, but we do not know the weather with great accuracy.

We know where we must be tomorrow, but not whether we will get there.

The Christian, however, does not have to stay perplexed by these problems. The Christian might not know what will take place tomorrow but what he, or she, does know, is that Jesus Christ has promised to accompany us through anything that we face. We will not be alone.

That is a great comfort in a world packed with so many complexities.

I hope that you will be able to face the future with the assurance that Christ is alongside you, helping, encouraging, and guiding.

Try reading the New Testament to see just how Jesus managed to help so many people in a tremendously wide range of problems. All felt the benefit of his touch.

Try giving your life to Him and He will be delighted to be your guide and mentor.

David Hall