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This church seeks to enable equip and encourage people to come to faith in Jesus and develop their gifts in His service.

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I love books. Reading is one of life’s greatest pleasures and I have several crowded bookshelves - and regularly have to travel to charity shops to get rid of some I have read and don’t feel able to save.
The work of some authors I hang on too, knowing that I can return and read them again and still enjoy the experience.
Quite a few of my books have other reasons to be special - they are personally signed by the author.
This, of course, marks them as different and I would be very reluctant to part with any of these whether they are novels, biographies, or those on cooking, painting and so on.
But while I enjoy them and admire the way the authors have put together a plot, or story - or made instructions clear- they have never changed my life.
That is reserved for one book alone - The Bible. Now there is a life-changing read. Packed with stories of all kinds - love, adventure, tips on life and insights into God’s love - it is the one book which has helped change my life.
Reading it is always a challenge, for there is no area of life in which it fails to offer helpful advice.
But above all it is the one volume that tells me how to live. God has somehow ensured that we have this book so that we may understand his mind and read for ourselves the amazing difference his son, Jesus, can make to our lives.
I recommend that you get a copy - preferably one of the more modern translations which are easy to read - and read it for yourself. There will be folk at your nearest church who will help with advice. Good reading.

David Hall