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This church seeks to enable equip and encourage people to come to faith in Jesus and develop their gifts in His service.

Rain or reign?

I am not sure whether I noticed our summer this year. Certainly the garden missed out on a lot of sun. It seems that rain has never been far from us; sometimes light, often heavy and occasionally of storm proportions. It can have a depressing effect on people, especially those sun worshippers who long for the appearance of that warm glow in the sky. The problem is that we can do nothing to change it. Even the forecasting experts on television are not always able to advise us accurately. One advantage, of course, is that the weather is the backbone of our efforts at conversation, particularly with those we hardly know. So we always have something to talk and moan about. It is easy to forget that there are parts of the world in which even a light shower would bring relief, and a full rain storm would be heaven-sent. Because it is something we cannot change it is worth recognising that there are things that we simply have to accept. Our lives are a combination of things which we can change and things over which we have no control. All too often we try and control the uncontrollable, and refuse to act when we can and should. Christians are those who have accepted that there are things we need to act upon – the effects on us and others of the things we do which are wrong and out of order, being a prime example. And we can act Christ into our lives, to bring his forgiveness for those things which are wrong, and to put us in touch with the living God in a personal and real way. Once that has been done things like the weather pale into insignificance. We can cope with life, however often it throws us a curve, if we have the comfort of knowing that Jesus is on our side and walking alongside us. He is not a crutch, but a guide, a protector and an advocate in our relationship with God.

The Bible tells us that God sent a rainbow as an indication that he would not forget his people. It is a reminder of his love and concern. Why not look into it. Read the Bible, and visit a church near you. It will take your mind off the weather if you allow Jesus to reign instead.

David Hall