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Mount Zion Church Cliviger

This church seeks to enable equip and encourage people to come to faith in Jesus and develop their gifts in His service.

Overcoming the un-predictable

The terrible weather of recent weeks – snow standing six-feet-high alongside some roads, and gales blowing it across the streets – is in direct contract to this time last year when the sun shone and it was warm. It is a constant reminder that there are some things which we cannot control. Life is full of different events: some we can control, others are outside our ability to play any part in them whatsoever. It is the perfect illustration of the life of a Christian. There are many events which we have control over and which we sometimes enjoy and at other times are fearful of but reject the opportunity to change things. On other occasions there are things which we cannot change and simply have to get on and live through them. In all of these events it is easy to forget that there is a God who can help, comfort and guide. And it is all because of the events of Easter when Jesus was crucified on our behalf. Because of that great event – and the fact that Jesus not only died, but more importantly, rose again – we are able to become friends with God. That means that whatever problems we come across in life Jesus is travelling the same journey with us. He can bring help and encouragement during the conflicts that life brings.

He said: “I am the way, the truth and the life.” And there is no better way, no greater truth, and no more exciting life that you can live but the one open to Christians. Take time this Easter, or at any time, to pray to God, to ask him to reveal himself to you, and then make sure that you listen and act. Life will be very different – no less unpredictable, and the weather will not change, but with Jesus alongside you the adventure will have only just begun.

David Hall